Rock City Marvels


Moss covered angular rocks jut from the earth,

bathed in sunlight, dwarfed by a tower of sandstone.

At times, the trail seems like a walk down 5th Avenue,

along towering facades housing mice on treadmills,

Not solid and staid like this monolithic mass.

Man’s shadow leaves no trail of perpetuity

like Earth’s birth canal, pushing out carved

mountains that at once terrify and mystify

shrunken people who can only photograph

the marvel and feel small and insignificant.

Thousands of years from this moment,

these monuments will still be waiting,

watching to see which man will document

their existence or blow them into piles of sand

from a place beyond our myopic imagination.

Joanne Cherefko May 26, 2023



Joanne Zarrillo Cherefko

Award-winning educator and published poet: A Consecration of the Wind, Fragmented Roots, and Souls Tilled Like Soil. Website: