Shoreline Trail

Joanne Zarrillo Cherefko
1 min readSep 24, 2020
Photo by Joanne Cherefko

Shoreline Trail

(Charleston Lake Provincial Park

Ontario, Canada)

Four feet and eight paws move quietly

Over a thick bed of orange pine needles

That serve as floor to a grove of trees

Through which shimmering

Puzzle pieces of water

Appear among thick branches.

Large, moss-covered rocks

Startle the senses and serve as

Sentinels in this quiet place while

Stair-like tree roots

Aid footsteps on the ascent

Towards that elusive shore line.

I follow my husband, whose pale legs

Hang from his new shorts,

As my Blenheim and Ruby Cavs’

Newly-shaved bodies

Wiggle from side to side on the double lead.

I trail behind so the dogs won’t pull too much

And, finally, we behold

Blue-green water lapping gently

At the edge of flat, smooth rock beds.

One small boat sits roped,

Three adults occupy the picnic table,

And one larger boat is anchored

In the small inlet to the right —

The only human additions

To this serene place overlooking

The clear waters of Charleston Lake.



Joanne Zarrillo Cherefko

Award-winning educator and published poet: A Consecration of the Wind, Fragmented Roots, and Souls Tilled Like Soil. Website: