Vacuous Seascapes


Photo by Smitty on Unsplash

Vacuous Seascapes

In the company of sea birds

I raise shards of lava

As an offering to spirits

With cold hands that drop

Salt crystals that deface

My parted soul.

Specters arise from ulcerated,

Delayed utterances and plummet

To creased, embedded lives

Of borrowed faces

And enamored fondling

Graced between these corners

Of rumors and ceilings of lies.

I lose myself to you

And submit to arrows

Of misbegotten eyes and artifices

That deny me and delay the

Removal of masks where I lie

Beneath you in self and less abuse.



Joanne Zarrillo Cherefko

Award-winning educator and published poet: A Consecration of the Wind, Fragmented Roots, and Souls Tilled Like Soil. Website: